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Delivery of your order

delivery Why it can take a few days for your order to be delivered....

We often get asked why it sometimes takes a few days for you to receive your order from us, so please let us explain...

Firstly, we keep all of the lines on our website in stock in bulk. We do not down-pack into the many pack sizes we offer until we have your order ready to be processed. This is because all orders are different and as a result, packing each order is not simply about putting items in boxes, but about preparing each item to match your order.

Each order received is in numerical order. Because our business is very seasonal, some times of the year are quieter than others, so in some instances you may find your order turn up after just 1-2 days, but at busy times of the year or periods where we have staff holidays or unexpected staff sickness to deal with it may take longer.

Now... We publish our current shipping date at the top of the page to help give you estimate when an order will ship. For our many valued non-UK customers we are always very happy to try and speed up dispatch of your order if you simply ask us, either by phone or email.

We hope this goes some way to explain. We intend to stay in business and continue suppliying our many valued customers for many years to come and this would not be the case if we chose to try and meet unattainable expectations.